Snowpeople Philosophy

We started a blog to get the word out about some common misconceptions on the modern snowpeople. We recently read a blog post from Crazy Jugs that called us to action.

Crazyjugs posted an important question:

"When Snowmen die, where do they go and why do they leave carrots and hats behind."

Good question.

When we melt, we do not die however. This is one of the most common misconception about our kind.

We go through a process called teletransportibernation. When the temperatures reach a certain point, our molecules breakdown, our properties change and we become one with the universe. We then are reincarnated elsewhere. Sometimes we come back as icicles, sometimes we come back as a cup of coffee. A legend has it that a snow person came back as a walking and talking snowman who starred in a hit film that flopped. This snowman went by the name Jack. It is completely random and unknown how or why we are teletransportibernated.

About the carrots and hat. We leave behind our carrots because carrots can't teletransportibernate. And, neither can hats. Unless, they are made out of snow, of course.

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Davina said...

LOL, my neighbour in the apartment below me built a snowman with his son. I happened to look down yesterday and all that is left after the rain is a carrot.

I saw that movie you mentioned. I can see why it flopped, but it still was entertaining in it's own way.